It’s December 2015, and we are back with another annual ‘Mawlid in the City’ (MitC), following our very successful rose-distribution events over the last few years, in the UK and internationally.

In this blessed month of Rabi ul Awwal, we are launching another coordinated campaign to repeat the rose-themed events across every city and major town in countries across the globe. Each event will be managed locally and independently by individuals and volunteers, and all events will take place on the same day, thereby allowing for a collective and synchronised movement which will also be supplemented by a social media buzz.

This movement of mawlid is ultimately a celebration of the Prophet ﷺ and it may also be viewed as dawah and an extension to the substantial amount of work being done on namus-e-Risalat i.e. or upholding the honour of our Prophetﷺ by presenting the beauty of his Teachings and the mercy of his Way.

How? This project is not run by any one individual, group or organization – rather, each event is independent and will be run by you as an individual. Please do your part, and register today as a City Rep in your town or city. Join this chain of love spreading across the UK and beyond!