Each ‘Mawlid in the City’ event is to be held independent of each other, and there is no main individual, city or event. They are each linked solely by love and the current need for effective, positive propagation of Islam.

The idea started from a series of events in 2012, during which we found our street propagation events to be a great success amongst the public; today, with your efforts, this effort continues in the form of the Mawlid.co.uk incentive. The positive representation of the message of Islam, and demonstrating the truth of the Prophet ﷺ and his ﷺ family, is extremely important.

We live in times where books, movies and comments are continuously written against Islam and the Prophet ﷺ, and the only correct response to educate and enlighten, rather than a counter-productive response of even more anger and hatred. For this reason, we are propagating a positive, proactive message in conveying the real message of our deen to the areas of the mainstream population here in the UK and abroad.

Extremist Muslims are not in a position to represent nor educate the world about Islam, as they are not true representatives of its message of peace and mercy. Indeed, our faith is of the balanced middle way i.e. balance and understanding, and always has been; we must reclaim this position.

This is where Mawlid.co.uk events comes in; we seek to reclaim that middle ground and to further isolate extremists of all kinds, both non-Muslim and Muslim who falsely level wrongful claims against our religion and the ways of our Prophet ﷺ. We can hope that the major effects of this incentive will eventually manifest themselves over the coming years, mainly in the hearts of individuals touched by these events due to the true Prophetic teaching of love. Patience is central to our faith, and this is very much required in the troubled times we currently face.

It’s time for you to take action. Organise an event of any size in your town or city, and enter yourself into a chain of love which reaches all over the globe. May Allah grant us all tawfeeq.